Lots of Work Ahead for a Long Time – I Can’t Wait

Recently I have been looking at myself and my coffee knowledge and have spotted that I am sady lacking in most areas and have decided to do somthing about it.

Most of my working career in coffee so far has been filled with the mundane but neccesary work that every family buisness needs to get done. Covering absentees, packing urgent coffee orders for valuble customers, fixing machines, delivering all sorts of things, looking after customers and just generally filling in where requred. I think the term is ‘dogsbody’. Anway I wouldn’t change that for the world. It has given me a buzz and obsession for coffee and all the aspects that surround it, a hunger for knowledge. Now that I’m in more of a position to do somthing constructive I’m very excited.

My limited skills have been picked up from several sources:-

  • My Uncle – a seasoned Coffee roasted and tea taster without whom we’d be stuck.
  • My Dad – running the day to day of a buisness and making sure everyone gets paid and we make the most of the opportunities that we get.
  • Various Coffee Machine Engineers – teaching me the logic behind all types of coffee machines
  • Machine suppliers – Simonelli, Spaziale, Stentofield.
  • Coffee Discussion Groups – Too Much Coffee, CoffeeGeek.
  • Coffee Podcasts. – CoffeeGeek, Portafilter. Opened my mind to espresso.
  • All the customers we’ve had – for the how to’s and the how not to’s of running cafe’s and dealing with people
  • All those nice Baristi and coffee People who blog.
  • Every bad barista. – who has served me a stewed, or under extracted coffee with burnt milk.

Having picked up all those things and still feeling pretty inadiquate in the coffee world I have decided to make a Coffee Personal Development Actionlist

I will post that in the next few days


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