Some Fun Dialing in a Superautomatic

Just thought I’d speak about super automatic machines.

Much as the guys on Too Much Coffee will put these sort of machines down I have a few good words to say about them. Don’t take this as a crusade though.

The one thing that machines are good at, any type of machine, is replicating things exactly the same over and over again. In coffee terms it means that you will get consistency over and over again from a super automatic machine. That may mean the same bad cup of coffee over and over again but at least you know where you stand.

I’m a fan of super automatics, not because of the cup quality which comes out of them but for the awareness and buzz they have created in the business. A lot more people are asking about espresso and the process of extraction than ever before. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the super automatic. 5 years ago how many people would have a cup where the coffee had been ground seconds before they receive it. I’m guessing very few indeed.

So much as these machines are not liked thay have helped the cause of the aficionados by helping spread the fresh coffee word.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that I’m going to do a tasting during organic fortnight with one of my friends at his deli in Jesmond, Newcastle. I want to serve Espresso Latte and Cappuccino samples with organic coffee.

I have a Simonelli microbar which I can use which is Tanked and perfect for the location. So I set about it with my Bag of Mexican organic beans the manual and an enthusiastic manner to see what results I could get.

The first espresso I pulled was thin with no crema and exited in a stupidly fast 4 seconds. This was due to the factory setting I presumed. Looking at the cake in the disposal bin I could see the puck with huge grounds and a great change in colour through it and a bit damp.

So.. An extra second on the grinder giving me more coffee and a fiddle with the grind brought the extraction time to 12 seconds with the start of some crema on the shot. Woohoo I thought , I’m getting somewhere.

A few more tweaks and I had the extraction time at 18 seconds with a pretty good crema although quite blond.

Two of the additions the new Microbar has is a pre infusion system which I had not played with untill now and a tamping system. I introduced a tamp and a pre infusion and I had a shot of 20 seconds with an extraction which only started to blond right at the end. Hurrah.

A little play with its steam wand and I was rolling some microfoam and botching some latte art like the amateur I am.
See under… yuk.

Thoroughly impressed with the machine – for a super automatic.

So now I’m all set to wow his customers next friday with my ‘modern’ Latte art next friday.

I need to spend some time on a machine, god i’m gettig rusty

All the best


2 thoughts on “Some Fun Dialing in a Superautomatic

  1. I was pleasently suprised with what I could get from it. Just shocked me a bit, didn’t expect that sort of extraction. I agree everyone is realistic but they prefere the ‘real’ thing, as it were. Cheers for the comment.

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