Hello again, I’m back in the world of the living

Hello everyone, sorry its been such a long time between posts. I’ve been building and organising with my family our new shop/showroom/mini cafe (see bellow)

Think I’m about to colapse. I have lost a load more of my hair, dropped about a stone and have thouroghly battered my feet. Its all in the cause of coffee and espresso so i’m not going to feel that sorry for myself.

The shop is aimed at startup and existing cafes as well as the home user. Hopefully we should have just about everything a cafe could need and want to serve quality coffee, tea and add ons.

Although we’ve only been open a few days now it seems to be hitting the right note, which is a hell of a relief.

Enough about that, its not the Pumphreys Coffee Blog, its my blog.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to have a lot more time playing with machinary and boy have I had some fun. I’ve just about mastered a simple rosetta for my lattes and I’ve cupped a good few coffees through the espresso machine, all of which has fired my enthusiasm even more.

I’m hopefully meeting up with the James Hoffman in the new year which will really get the juices flowing. Maybe I can steal some latte art tips and pick his brain on some issuses going round in my head on how the brew temperature of espresso machines effects extraction and how to blend with that information.

See you soon

Now i’m back into it I might post again tonight!

Cheesy Photo Finish


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