Playing around with Etching

I had quite a good week this week, I did a presentation to some college kids, had James Hoffman pop in and managed to squeeze in some fun messing around with ethching.

Etching has always been one of those subjects which I have probably skirted arround for too long. I had never actually tried anything like this as my mind has been totally focused on coffee for as long as I can remember. I thought it was time to bite the bullet and have a bit of a play. Now that I have and served some of the etched drinks I am a bit of a convert. Just seeing peoples faces when you serve this sort of drink gives you reason enough to try and improve drink on drink. Probably the same look you get when you serve a rosetta to someone who has never seen one before.

The tools required over and above the usual setup for this are, chocolate sauce, a stright edge(I’ll explain) some kind of squeezable bottle with a small almost pinprick head (greezy spoop ketchup bottle is ideal) and a tool to etch with. I used the pointed end of a thermometer, but anything will do as long as it is food safe.
As you can see the effect of this is quite spectacular and I can’t believe it will not add value to your drinks. People will come back to your cafe if they get drink that look like that, even if they don’t taste as good as they should. As they say presentation is everything!

I first saw this drink on a flickr set I watch from a guy called Steve in Chicago.

Visit his blog bellow
This Guy is an etching Legend.

  • First foam your milk, Microfoam please its not that hard, then pull your shot/s.
  • Pour the microfoam on the espresso, be sure to pour very close so that all the foam is on the surfeace if possible.
  • Take your straight edge and almost cover all the drink leaving a 3rd of the drink uncovered
  • Sprinkle chocolate over the exposed area of drink
  • Romove the straight edge and turn the drink around.
  • Repeat the process so that you have a large white oblong in the centre of your cup defined by the chocolate sprinkles.
  • Take you chocolate sauce in a bottle and carefully squeese some out onto the drink following the defined line you created.
  • Repeat that for the other side and add as many lines as you want beteen that and your ready to start etching.

This is where the fun starts, you can do just about what you want. Have fun and make people smile thats the main thing.

I dragged my etching tool across all of my lines on several occasions to create the image bellow. I think you’ll agree quite pretty.

I have some ideas to try this week so i’ll post the results here



One thought on “Playing around with Etching

  1. Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for the shout out! A legend, I am not, but just to have fun with etching…This particular etch of yours looks better than mine…



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