Latte Art Post

As I’ve learnt so much from people posting videos on the internet I thought I’d do my bit and add some of mine. Hopefully someone will see them and it will help them on their way to producing excellent coffee.

Tulip and Latte 2

My main thrust is to get as many people as I can to show the coffee they work with to its potential and not to let all the other people before them in the coffee chain down.

It’s been hammered into me from a young age tottering round the roasting rooms that we are very privileged to have a product that so many people have worked so hard to produce. I was made to pick up every singe bean I dropped at that age, and I still do it now. My uncle used to scare the sh*t out of me at that age. ‘Do you realise how far that bean has come’. ‘Do you realise how hard people have worked to get that bean here, and you’ve dropped it just before you put it in a bag!’

My 12oz Rosetta Latte pour from today

So really it’s all of our duties to make sure it gets shown off to its potential and do everyone justice.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and Video




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