Breath of Fresh air in the US Barista Championship

Having just listened to the podcast following the SCAA annual conference in Long Beach I can’t help disagree with Nick Cho.

I must say before I start that I wasn’t there but have read a few reviews of the event on several blogs. Tatiana Becker of Trabant Coffee in Seattle and Clover (part time) created an entertaining performance in the US Barista championship. She created a Frat house party theme with Cappa Cappa ccino and signature drinks served Styrofoam cups in ‘chugging’ hats. Oh… and she wasn’t wearing much.

I remember Nick and Mark Prince of Coffeegeek discussing the lack of entertainment at Barista comps on their joint podcast at the World Barista Championships last year. Are you not entertained? Its seems to me the very thing they were craving happened.  I’m sorry, but I though that would be right up Nicks street, Quality espresso, fun drinks and scantily clad women. It covers all the bases.

I was cringing when I heard Nick say he thought she shouldn’t be allowed to compete again and had dragged the competition down. Thankfully Tattiana had a chance to put her side of the argument over and did very well. Have a listen to the podcast yourself and prepare for some great fireworks. podcast 69

Personally it wouldn’t be my style of presenting a Barista competition performance but then again I’ve never had good enough legs for that sort of thing. Good luck to her I say.

 Broken Cup

Photo originally uploaded by Aaron Duckworth of Espresso dell’Anatra.


2007 U.S. Barista Championship Results:

1. Heather Perry, Coffee Klatch Roasting, San Dimas, Calif.

2. Pete Licata, PT’s Coffee Company, Overland Park, Kan.

3. Matthew Riddle, Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago Ill.

4. Chris Deferio, Carriage House Café, Ithaca, NY

5. Kyle Glanville, Intelligentsia Coffee, Los Angeles, Calif.

6. Peter Middlecamp, Black Sheep Coffee, South Saint Paul, Minn.


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