My little video…… I hope you enjoy it

I’m still working on how to explain my trip to cafe culture without swearing so in the mean time he’s a little video I knocked up

Guess who has just found out how to use windows moviemaker


2 thoughts on “My little video…… I hope you enjoy it

  1. Nice pics there! What happened to you guys at Caffe Culture that induced the swearing? I had a completely insane show – so busy it was almost counterproductive! It was annoying not to be able to chat to people properly over a coffee – my apologies to you about that.

  2. When I saw you briefly at 3 we were leaving for Stanstead. Massive delays on the tube and a huge cue at the departures meant that we missed our flight at 6.30. They kept us on call until 9.30 for the last flight to be told when we got to the desk that the woman who told us to stay was wrong and that sleazyjet don’t do that. The next flight was at 7 the next morning. Not wanting to miss that flight we made the executive decision not to move and cat nap until then. Great fun considdering the day started at 4am anyway.

    Also, I missed Se’s presentation because of that mix up. It would have been good to meet him and have a little chat.

    I had a realy busy local show last week which I think would have been simmilaly annoying. You just can’t see everyone you need to for the time you want. c’est la vie.

    Did you pick up any good leads on you last event?

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