Tribute to all you Supersized Americans

Thought I’d have a mess around with my massive 26oz cup I got from Seattle 2005.

I used 6 shots and plenty of milk.

You could call it a double, big glup, bucket latte or something like that.

God Bless America!!!


2 thoughts on “Tribute to all you Supersized Americans

  1. *hee hee hee* Very funny. I found you while looking for good coffee videos on you tube. I enjoyed your stuff so came for a peek here and you made me laugh again.

    And, uh, I’m in Seattle. Working as a barista. Little cliche, I suppose, but no matter. I make the good stuff, not the mass produced stuff. If you come to Seattle again you’ll have to come by and try some of our local microroasters (my shop carries about ten different ones) and we’ll make you nice, little macchiatos.

    And you give me hope. For years I’ve wished I could move to England, but I worried that I’d never see a decent latte again. Now I know where to find them. ^__^

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