World Barista Championship Final 6

The final 6 for the world barista championship go as follows:

Switzerland – Anna Kaeppeli
            Watch her presentation on
Brazil – Sylvia Magalhaes
            Watch her presentation on
United States – Heather Perry
            Watch her presentation on
New Zealand – Carl Sara
            Watch his presentation on
United Kingdom – James Hoffman
            Watch his presentation on
Japan – Miyuki Miyamae
            Watch her presentation on

Good luck everyone (mostly Jim though)


2 thoughts on “World Barista Championship Final 6

  1. Hey
    It could all be over by now. Congrats on getting into the final six – maybe you’ve even won.
    I’m doing press fopr Carl Sara’s sponsor, Robert Harris – so am checking things out.
    I’m a Scot though so if UK wins I’ll be happy too.
    keep up the good work.

  2. A little early I think, was finished at about 4 with the decisiona quickly after that from what I can see.

    Carls presentation in the first round was great! Good for your sponsor no doubt!

    Well done Jim.

    I’m entering the UK Barista Champs next year, and probably in Scotland as I’m such a northern Monkey. I could be the ~Scottish champion, haha.

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