Pumphreys On ITV

This video is of our appearance on the ITV regional ‘Taste of the North’ show earlier in the year! I’m quite disappointed actually, I was interviewed for about 45 minutes on Barista skills, latte art, distribution, tamping and allsorts which they chose not to show. Still, I suppose you don’t get to see my ugly mug which will be a bonus!

I hope you enjoy it!


You might spot some of my latte art!

I’ve posted this provisionally while I try and figure out how to put it up without all the text spoiling it!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Stuart Lee


3 thoughts on “Pumphreys On ITV

  1. Yeah, born and bred coffee. I used to play on the sacks in the warehouse when I was little. Quite dangerous when I think back. Nothing like a good hessian burn on the knee!

    Great flickr pics by the way!

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