Absurd Latte Art comp on Jimseven

There is a silly latte art comp going on on James Hoffmann’s Blog which is well worth a look.


I’ve added my own to the fold

I nearly messed my pants when I did this!

I know there is know Latte art, but you just try and pour 16 shots and nearly a litre of milk into a grinder.

My hands were shaking quite a bit!




6 thoughts on “Absurd Latte Art comp on Jimseven

  1. Nice going Stu! Did you drink the latte made in the hopper afterwards? I wonder what such a coffee would have been called in a coffeebar. Next thing to try is to pour latte art in the chaff collector on one of your roasters! Now that would be interresting.

    …or maybe directly into someones mouth.

  2. Definatly…not all of it though.

    If your up for that I’ll give it a go…..only if you suck the shot straight from the spouts does it get the kudos though. That may just win jims comp!

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