Just spotted this and Laughed my #### off

 I have just seen this on youtube and spent the whole time laughing.

It show the frustrations of learning latte art and and the great banter that goes on in the cafe.

Good Stuff guys! I know the feeling!


3 thoughts on “Just spotted this and Laughed my #### off

  1. Hi Stu,

    Your right I’m starting to get obsessed with this thing called coffee! It’s starting to get a little expensive playing round with takeaway cups think I may need to come in a nd book a proper training session with you to learn how to really learn latte art.

    Speak to you soon


  2. Tis’ loads of fun, very frustrating but very rewarding.

    I love it when people say “Did you do that by mistake?”. It just shows that you’ve made it look easy. Only you know whats been behind it!

    Pop in any time mate. If I’m free I’ll give you some tips, or if you want I could pimp myself out to you for a half day of fun.


  3. Loving this video buddy, so good to see it go wrong for other people!!! Although they still don’t seem to pour as much milk on the floor as I do! Maybe a new facebook group, latte arte gone wrong! I’m sure I could find plenty of photos for that one lol

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