Barista Jam

This week I have been mostly exited about the prospect of a Jam next month. The Jam I refer to is the pre-cursor to the UK Barista Championships and is being held in Bristol. The Boys and Girls at Beyond the Bean are hosting this and it is bound to be a great day on the 30th October I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from beyond the Bean who’s company I’ve not enjoyed, Great company! They have a good buisness model from what I can see and are fronted by some great guys! I’m addicted, they are importing all the stuff that a guy like me would want in his armoury. Schomer DVDs, tampers galore, more syrups and sauces than you can shake a stick at and top quality BlendTec blenders too. Anyway enough of the Beyond the Bean promo, I’ll expect my cheque in the post Jonathan, back to the Jam. 


Having never been to Bristol I’m not quite sure what to expect. I had quite a few mates at Uni who were from Brizzle, who all seemed to be hilarious. If all all Bristolians are like this then we should be in for a great day. The Jam is limited to 25 people which in my opinion if plenty. I’m seriously looking forward to meeting 24 other people of a similar mindset. I’m a bit isolated up here in Newcastle so it will be good to have a chat with people who don’t look at me as if I have 2 heads when I mention extraction ratios or even portafilters. I’ve lost count of the amount of times recently when I’ve been dying to discus something I’ve learned in the day and seen my friends and girlfriend’s eyes glaze over when I get past the first sentence. The Event is ‘Headlined’ By Se Gorman and Ed Buston, 2nd and 3rd in last years UK Barista Championships to Mr Hoffmann who will be giving everyone the benefit of their experience.

I’ll let you read for yourselves here the rest of the format for the day.

 If your anything like me when it comes to an untaming thirst for coffee knowledge, and there is a good chance there is if you reading my blog then I highly recommend booking and coming along.

 I’m off to ‘that there London’ now (actually on the train as it happens) to see the ‘Mrs’ who works down there so I’ll get myself into Flat white for a coffee and see those guys. I’m hoping to meet Jim Hoffman for a coffee too if he can fit me into his what seems to be rediculasly busy schedule on Sunday.

 Should be a good weekend.

 Next month I shall mostly be making Barista Jam


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