Winner of the Midlands Heat………..Why so badly subscribed?

Winner of the UKBC Midlands Heat …..Ed Buston


I’m sure he’ll thank me for the picture!

Congrats Ed!

A report on the Quite poorly attended event is here on Steve’s Blog

We must increase the profile and attendance of these events. Is this a world wide thing or is it just us? Does anyone know why these events are so badly attended? Surely we can do something to stop this happening. The midland event had 4 people and the London Heat was cancelled all together. These are the most well populated areas of the country, It shouldn’t be left to The North, the West country and N.Ireland to provide the numbers surly. Do we need to market this better?

 Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Winner of the Midlands Heat………..Why so badly subscribed?

  1. The US has poor attendance as well. These competitions are just not spectator friendly, plus the general population really has no idea these things even exist. And if they did, would they attend? I doubt it for the first reason stated above.

  2. It appears the majority of people took the option to travel to heats that are further away, so as to give themselves more time to practice! I believe all the heats from now on are full, which means that in the next 3 heats there will be nearly 5 times as many people competing as in the first three (thats counting london even though it didn’t go ahead!) I have heard that their are baristi traveling for over 5 hours to get to a January heat when their were heats within half an hour of their home region in November!!! It all seems a bit crazy really! How’s the practice coming along? Not long to go now!

  3. Not too bad, I’m planning on traveling down to Bristol and the North events to hopefully pick up some tips. I’m going to photograph them for my blog and hopfully write a little review of each competitor too.

    How’s your training going sir?

  4. Training isn’t going so badly, just taking 5 minute break! I’m really begining to get excited about it all now. I hear that some peole are going for drinks the night before the bristol heat at the tobacco factory, and I will definatly be having a couple of pints after to reward myself all these hours in our showroom! Looking forward to your post on the northern heat! How goes your training?

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