Playing around with widgets

I found a site today that makes little widgets of rss feeds.  So I created some for the feeds that I read the most.

I hope you like them and can fit them into your sites

I cant get them on to as I am a technically inept at the moment.


Too Much Coffee Widget


 James Hoffmanns Blog


My Blog widget


Coffeegeek Widget


5 thoughts on “Playing around with widgets

  1. They are cool Stuart. I wonder if the fact they are not working on WordPress is symptomatic of the restrictions on rather than anything you haven’t done? I had to make a static button of the ‘Barista Exchange’ link before it would work on a hosted site. I hope that isn’t the case here though because these are really great 😀

  2. Yeah Stuart, I think doesn’t allow you to paste widget code into their site. The service has to be sanctioned (white-listed) before they allow it. Installing and running WordPress on your own doesn’t have this restriction. You could always email and ask them to white list Widgetbox for you.

  3. Yup, I’m thinking the same about Stuart, this software is too limiting. I even had to make my own static badge for Barista Exchange for the reasons you have outlined.

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