Wiki Barista

Right then guys. There are just too many opinions on the barista craft to take in at once. Sites like, and www.toomuchcoffee.comhave done a great job in recent years at increasing the knowledge of the barista, the home enthusiast and even the guy at home who just wants to know how much coffee to put in his cafetiere. I think it is time to take this on to the next stage and create a wiki site for the barista. A place where everyone who has ever used a grinder or machine can write about the problems, benefits and little nuances that it has. I would like a wiki site to be a place that people come when they are wanting to know how to get the best espresso from a certain machine or how to operate a certain grinder to get the most out of their beans. The information that could be in a site like this could be endless. Tasting notes for espresso blends as tasted by baristi could be included. All machine manufacturers and models, cups, tampers, coffees, techniques, caffeine stats….anything that a barista might know.

 To this end I have created a Wiki site called which we could all start our quest from. (now disbanded- See EDIT)

A site like this would be totally independent of any branding it would be the opinions of all the baristi worldwide. 

What are the thoughts on this? A good Idea?

EDIT – 19.12.07

 My post on TooMuchCoffee about this has seemed to force the issue and the new Wiki for the TMC site is now online. As TMC is an independent group of coffee enthusiasts, baristi and others this will work fantastically well. I whole heartedly support them and have deleted the wiki site I created last night. Cheers Phil and the TMC team.


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