UKBC Scotland – 2nd

Hi guys I just thought I’d inform you all that I came second in today competition.

 My god I had the shakes and served some poor coffee. I must have done something right though.

 I’m going to see if I can nab some picks from tom at Espresso Warehouse. I saw him snapping away all day. I will not be blogging this leg quite like I have the others.

 If anyone who competed wants to leave comment about their drinks please do so.

 I also have a frind there who was note taking so I’ll try and pinch some of her notes.

Thanks for you support Guys.

Cheers Baz.


6 thoughts on “UKBC Scotland – 2nd

  1. Hi Steve, Cheers mate.

    My mate Andrew from Holy Island was using your beans, nice but too fresh for me and the comp. He left everything really late and suffered for it. Also I didn’t think he read the score sheets a great deal. It was a bit of an eye opener for both of us. You can watch as many as you like but there is nothing better than doing it. So much different.

    All the Results are in this thred on TMC

    Cheers again mate!

  2. Cheers Tom nice to meet you too.

    Sorry I was a little pumped up yesterday, I’m normally a little more relaxed than that.

    I look forward to the Pics. Are you putting them up on Flickr?

  3. Well done mate! Seen a couple of pics on facebook, your set up looks fantastic!!! Can’t wait to read a blog of the event, want to find out what everyone did!

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