Technical Judges – Overview

Its become apparent to me that I, along with other people I’ve watched in competition, do not know the score sheets as I perhaps should. 

Uploaded on October 31, 2005
by astepintothedark

We’ve all seen the score sheets but have you looked at it from the judges perpective. Ok so you may be thinking, ‘Why did I get a 2 in that section and a 4.5 in the other section?’. Here’s why:


The following is an explanation of the technical score sheet. Seven judges will evaluate each competitor, including one head judge, two technical judges, and four sensory judges. The head judge’s points are not included in the competitors total score. The two technical score sheets will be averaged together for a single technical score. The technical score will then be added to each of the four sensory score sheets. The competitors final score will be comprised of the total of all four sensory score sheets.


The following is an explanation of the score sheet. It is best to review this while also looking at a score sheet – technical and sensory. The evaluation scale is the same for both technical and sensory judges.

There are two types of scores: the Yes/No score, and the Zero to Six score.

Yes = 1 No = 0

Unacceptable = 0 Acceptable = 1 Average = 2 Good = 3 Very Good = 4 Excellent = 5 Extraordinary = 6

Yes/No Score The barista receives one point for a score of ‘Yes’ on this item, and zero points if ‘No.” Zero to Six Score

With the zero to six score, it is acceptable to use half point increments between 1.0 and 6. The half points are written using a decimal point (not a fraction). For example 1.5, 2.5, 3.5… The lowest score with value is 1. (The score of 0.5 may not be used.)A score of Zero is used when something is totally unacceptable.The WBC Rules and Regulations state that a competitor is not allowed to change anything on the competition machines (such as the dispersion screen, spout, gasket and/or the portafilter). At the start of competition, the technical judges will verify that the equipment is in accordance with WBC guidelines.

I intend to follow this up with detailed reviews of each section of the judges guide to not only help me understand more but also maybe raise everyones standards before the semi-finals and beyond.

Information taken from published material on The World Barista Championship Website

EDIT 4.2.08 Jim Hoffmann’s post on something similar…. spooky


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