UKBC Semi Final Qualifiers

Well done to everyone who qualified for the Semi finals in Hotelympia on th 19th and 20th  

 List Bellow: 

Maxine Beadsmoore – Bristol
Holly Jones – South West
Lance Turner – Bristol
Clare Jarvis – South West
Gillian Campbell – Scotland
Nedyalka Petkova – Northern Ireland
Kristen Olsen – Scotland
Sindy Kamcheong – Bristol
Ben Townsend – Bristol
Barry Lawrenson – North
Hugo Hercod – South West
Kerry McGaughey – Northern Ireland
Subi Tweed – Northern Ireland
Lauren Card – Bristol
John Drysdale – Bristol
Stuart Archer – Scotland
Elliott O’Mara – Bristol
Marius Mesek – Northern Ireland
Tristan Stephenson – South West
Agnus Mishalowska – Scotland
Danielle Hadley – Midlands
Jonathan Sharp – Scotland
Edmund Buston – Midlands
Will Thornborough – Bristol

I was expecting more from Northern Ireland I must say. Ah, the rumor mills are working overtime as usual.

Well done Will, Tristan, Ed, Barry, Ben, Jon and Lance see you in London Guys.

Constructors championship……

1st      Bristol          8

2nd     Scotland      5

3rd = N.Ireland    4

3rd = S.West         4

5th    Midland       2

6th    North           1


One thought on “UKBC Semi Final Qualifiers

  1. I love your constructors championship idea, go Bristol! I was the guy clearing the tables for the competitors during the Bristol heat and the standard, on the surface, seemed to be even higher than last years finals. It was fascinating to watch some of the lengths that the competitors are going to to impress the judges and spectators.
    Now I’m not sure if I want to go on the 1st day at the semi’s so I can relax and watch everybody else or go on the second for the convenience of 1 less day in London! Hopefully we will find out the running order soon…

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