Teaching ‘Little Sis’ Latte Art

I’ve enjoyed myself greatly this week as I was joined by my little sister Georgina in the showroom at Pumphrey’s. (I say little but she’s 17 now and by the time I get this blog post up she’ll probably be able to drive me around after passing her driving test. Ohh, the luxury of trips back and fourth to the pub)


I’ve been slowly drip feeding Georgie with coffee information over the past few years hoping to increase her knowledge but not scare her away from the coffee industry. I think it’s worked. She seems to have discovered the infectious world of coffee now and there is no stopping her. The key was latte Art.


Georgie is an artist and has always been fascinated by the pretty patterns that I pour on the bar and in practice for competition. She loved them so much that it got to a point that she asked me to teach her.



We reached a pivotal point in her learning process yesterday when she nailed 5 rosettas on the trott and felt confident enough to challenge me to a mini ‘Throwdown’.



Post your comments on who you think wins bellow!


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