New World Barista Championship Rules for 2009

The new rules are out fo this next year of competition

There are some interesting new tweaks.

I did enjoy the visual presentation of the competition area this year.

They are here to read

What does everyone think?


3 thoughts on “New World Barista Championship Rules for 2009

  1. I’ve been slowly working my way through these!…

    Agree with you about the area pics, and also like the improved definitions of drinks etc. and the allowance of 3sec variance for flow time.

    Other changes are the absence of ‘visually correct espresso bases’ on technical sheets, loss of ‘simultaneous serving’ points and the massive change to the total impression score. The importance of these is increased further by the new totaling system.

    Previously technical score comprised 35% of score and at 6 points max total impression gave you 2%. Now this is at 18% and 11% respectively. This changes things immensely, perhaps as reaction to comments on coffeegeek suggesting an absence of cultural individuality to many performances.

    Total impression seems to me to be one of the hardest areas to prepare for and to judge, but I think this new system to be a positive move, reemphasizing the service and engagement with customer factors of the Barista’s skill and also perhaps encouraging the scores to reflect the needs of the WBC to create a champion who is a positive and confident ambassador for the Barista craft?

    I wonder whether all these rules will be adopted by the UK and also how much SM’s performance has encouraged these changes. (especially simultaneous serving!!!)

    More than anything I’m glad that however perfect/imperfect the rules are they are organic, and developing as the level of competition increases. However should I come last in my (1st) regional this year I’m gonna post a proper whiny rant on someones blog!…

  2. I’m really looking forward to this years Comps. I feel like these rule changes actually suit me a little better than previously. I definitely think that this will open the field a little come the world Championships. The really technically tight baristi will not see the benefit of their hard work as they should. A definite push towards the Showman Barista.

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