Thank You Lorna

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank my ever dutiful girlfriend Lorna. She puts up with my coffee obsessed rambling and is even going to come with me to Trieste (I hope she knows what she’s in for).



Lorna works at ‘Based Upon’ in London and is a very skilled sculptor. She made me this fantastic tamper for my birthday which is surely worth a fortune. I’ve been so scared to even touch it, until today, keeping it in its little box out of harms way. It’s was made by taking a cast of one of my other tampers and making a mould. Lorna then sprayed individual beans with gold and silver coloured alloys (based upon speciality) polished them all by hand before setting then in the mould with clear and dark resins. A final polish and some a good gluing to the base and you get one very happy barista.

Thank you so much





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