Am I Cleaning ‘Too Much’ or is this just Good Practice?

Look at the picture above! It’s a picture of the machine in my shop when it’s been put ‘to bed’. What immediately springs to mind?

Are you thinking ‘God that’s anal’ or are you thinking ‘Ohh that’s a good idea’? Maybe you’re looking at the picture and thinking ‘What the hell is that’.

More and more over the past few months I have spotted a need for consistency in cleaning and bedding an espresso machine. In my experience if staff can’t see what needs to cleaned it will not be cleaned. If it’s not checked then it won’t get done. Cynical perhaps but that’s just what happens over time. Staff will cut corners from time to time which will lead to the general quality of your coffee slowly dropping almost undetected. I know I’ve been guilty of that in the past too.

Laying the screens, blocks, screws and group handles out like this means that everything that needs to be cleaned is visible to everyone. This will hopefully decrease the likelihood that anyone will cut corners as it would be obvious if anyone had been slacking.

Good idea or too much?


3 thoughts on “Am I Cleaning ‘Too Much’ or is this just Good Practice?

  1. Good idea. This is what I have always done. Should look like a new machine every day. Steam wands get me……. People that soak/scrape/ clean them at the end if the day! I go mental at work if I see anyone soaking, should clean all the time! Possibly the quickest and easiest cleaning jobs on a machine to wipe and purge after each use (and purge before but I digress) but it seems to be pretty rare!


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