Silly Etching Competition …….Just for fun!

Hi guys!
As you’ve seen in  previous posts, I like a good Etch from time to time.
As I went to art college (yes i did!) this side of coffee really appeals to me. A big blank canvas that you can make into what you want and then drink all of its creamy goodness afterwards. Perfect.
Here’s the challenge:
Submit your etches/links to etches in the comments and we’ll all have a judge when the the deadline comes 
To get you in the mood or thinking of all the etches you can do here is a little tester I did in my coffee break today. If it isn’t obvious it’s Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.
Deadline 1st of December! – should give us enough time to get some good etches in!
Can you etch?
Can you etch?


4 thoughts on “Silly Etching Competition …….Just for fun!

  1. That was attempt number 4. I had a few problems doing it at first.
    Eyes to big, eyes too small, face not round enough, Cappuccino dying before I’d finished. I think I’ll have to have a go at someone else next!

    Maybe do a vid on it!

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