Go Gwilym…..WBC starts tomorrow!

Gwillym Davies

As some of you are aware the World Barista Championship starts tomorrow in Atlanta Georgia!

I’m going to wear my Flat cap solidly for the next 5 days! Gwilym Davies from London is representing us (the UK) this year. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish our wonderful ‘bearded house boat dweller’ the best of luck. Having met Gwilym on a couple of occasion when down visiting Mr Hoffmann at Square Mile and most recently competing against him down in Lewis I can tell you that he ‘is’ the one of the nicest guys in coffee.

Bring the World Barista Championship back with you Gwilym!

Who does everyone think will win? Is it Sammy’s year, can Mr Sara do it , will Gwilym come from nowhere or will the Scandinavians drag the championship back kicking and screaming?

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4 thoughts on “Go Gwilym…..WBC starts tomorrow!

  1. he really takes “nice guy” to a whole new level of niceness! I just really hope he has fun and an experience regardless of how he goes , he deserves all the fun Atlanta has to offer!
    My moneys on Sammy , i feel that Carl Sara should win ( go team nz) I want Colin Harmon to kick some butt , and i’d love Gwilym to take it . Needless to say i’m a little torn! 🙂
    And i’m very excited!!!!!!!!!

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