Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

7 thoughts on “Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

  1. I have the same worries with oh so many of our clients. And the bastards go all big eyes and “do we have to do it”, bleeding bums they

  2. I recently asked a new customer of mine how often they cleaned their machine, they thought it was around once every year or two. I spent two hours and still don’t think it’s clean

  3. Hi-larry-us, and people wonder why their coffee tastes so bad.

    We have one of those places in our town. I asked even about their espresso grinder and they looked perplexed ; (

    When we had our coffeehouse, we cleaned our machine every night and had the machine gone through (hard water out here even with a filter on the line) every 5 months.

    Education sure helps ; )

    Teflon? Yikes………….

  4. Ha ha that’s nothing! Have a look at my mobile uoafs on fb…..some right grotty machine parts on there. The best one was a customer who co
    plained that his espresso was running really slow no matter how course the grind. I stripped the machine. The shower steen had 5 mm of coffee oils/crud, the sol valve was chocca and best of all the porta filter was so thick with the stiff the hole was just over 1mm! Of course, they chemical backwash everyday! Ha ha!

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