Me, Blogs and Twitter

First of all a little hello to everyone!

I’m fully aware of my absence on this blog and for once I’m not going to appologize but I am going to explain why! I have found the micro blogging site Twitter which seems to take up my time but in smaller more managable chunks than blogging. After using the service for a while now I seem to be more in the loop on coffee related subjects than if I were just reading blogs! I have made more friends in the coffee industry through this and tracked their everyday musings. I seem to have gained a greater insight into people I thought I knew and connected with them more frequently and honestly. Things can be quickly organized and announced too. This is what really excites me about Twitter, the viral nature of the information released by twitterers means information correct or otherwise can be known by a vast amount of people very quickly!

One example of how this has enhanced my coffee geekery is one of a month ago. I was in London to see my girlfriend and I added a tweet to Twitter saying that I was in town and searching for a coffee. Within about 10 minutes I was invited to have a coffee with Hasbean Steve (twittering and drinking coffee in london) and also to pop in to an open house happening at Square Mile coffee roasters! In years, if not months gone by this sort of meet up would have taken weeks of planning (I’m specifically thinking of the TMC meet last year with tens of emails flying around before hand)

So for me Twitter is a great little tool, long live Twitter!

Don’t worry the blog will stay but for bigger musings like events, training for comps, theories on coffee and annoucements!

You can follow me by here @mentness

Yesterdays Capp!

3 thoughts on “Me, Blogs and Twitter

  1. I can say I whole heartedly agree, I infact am thinking of going the other way. I have been twittering and learning a lot more over the past month or so, my twitter has always been linked to my website to keep it updated but I now feel I could write a whole blog post, something I would never have dreamed of doing 6 months ago! Hope your keeping well stu, I guess we’ll have to stick to engineering meetings I think the chances of us being in the same place at the same time are slim to none!

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