The Chap Magazine

Many of you may have noticed the penchant I have acquired over recent years for wearing flat caps, ‘decorative’ but distinguished shoes and increasingly lighter and ornamental scarfs. This, rightly or not, you may be thinking to yourself is no doubt down to some sort of early ‘mid life crisis’ caused by the early retirement of one’s hairline. Although there will undoubtedly be an element of truth in that theory, albeit unconsciously on my behalf, I would like to place some of the blame squarely on the editorial staff at fantastic ‘The Chap’ magazine.

At this time I hear you all shouting in unison What is the chap? I shall let a quote from the ever witty The Chap website explain all.

‘The Chap takes a wry look at the modern world through the steamed-up monocle of a more refined age, occasionally getting its sock suspenders into a twist at the unspeakable vulgarity of the twenty-first century.

Since 1999, the Chap has been championing the rights of that increasingly marginalised and discredited species of Englishman – the gentleman. The Chap believes that a society without courteous behaviour and proper headwear is a society on the brink of moral and sartorial collapse, and it seeks to reinstate such outmoded but indispensable gestures as hat doffing, giving up one’s seat to a lady and regularly using a trouser press.’

If you have become disillusioned with the popularity of such text speak terms as ‘lol’ and the emergence into mainstream diction of the term ‘off of’ then this publication is for you.

Please visit ‘The Chap’ online bellow for it’s manifesto.

If this piece of anarcho dandyist writing doesn’t turn the corners of your stiff upper lip then there is no hope for you and you wil be ‘4eva’ doomed to ‘were’ hoodies and live your life from one ASBO to the next.

So there you have it. I am not losing my hair I am becoming more of a gent!

I leave you with a quote:

“All men are equal. All men, that is, who possess umbrellas.”
E.M. Forster

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